Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Week Fifteen Weigh In

Just got done with my morning "workout" -- carrying all the boxes in our soon-to-be-den up to the attic. Everything's in chaos in this room, so we need to get all the accessories out so we can rearrange the furniture (bookcases, mostly). So I hopped up the stairs as fast as was safe, carrying lots of heavy boxes full of books. By the end I had worked up a decent sweat, proof I got some aerobic benefit out of this household activity. You know me, I love that multitasking!

I did a good bit of Aerobic Household Activity yesterday, too. Finally started bringing in some of Mabel's toys (Don't worry, she has not been going cold turkey since the move -- she had all her Christmas gifts in the house. She just missed some of her old favorites.), as well as some final living room objects. Worked up a sweat then, too.

All of this must have helped to stave off any effects from last night. We wound up going out for dinner because the meat I got out to thaw was still hard as a rock at 4 p.m. (darn freezer paper!). So we went to this local steak and seafood house (it's a regional chain and not some fancy, expensive place). It's pretty basic stuff, and it has a nice salad bar. So I ordered the broiled salmon and steamed broccoli, and made myself a huge salad to munch on, too, because I was feeling pretty hungry, and I didn't want to walk into the birthday cake situation with a stomach ordering me to stuff it. While the meal sounds healthy, I'm always leery of restaurant meals because they use so much salt, and you never know how much oil or butter they use in things. But my meal was pretty bare bones -- the broccoli had absolutely nothing on it as far as I could tell, and there didn't seem to be any added oil to the salmon.

We get home, then turn around and walk down the street to our friends' house. I'd love to tell you all about this cake, but I'm afraid I'd be delving deep into food porn and I don't want to set anyone off. But let me just say it was a Princess Cake, a three-layered white cake with one layer of blueberry filling and one layer of banana filling. OMG. It was so good! I was grateful our host cut small pieces but told everyone they could have seconds if they so chose. The one small piece was enough; I washed it down with a huge glass of water and was satisfied.

So, you're probably wondering how I fared this morning on my scale. I was a little cautious, because on Wednesday at my doctor's appointment it was up to 213, and yesterday's check-in on my scale showed only a half-pound loss. But I'm glad to report that I am down another 2.5 pounds to 208.5.

You know, I didn't even have time to celebrate leaving the teens, and now I'm revelling in being in the single digits! Bypassing 213 was a huge milestone for me -- I'm pretty sure I am now the smallest I have been since high school, maybe even junior high. It's a weird feeling, moving into long lost territory I thought I'd never see again, barring any massive illness. Frances writes about this so wonderfully well in "Passing For Thin"; now that I'm experiencing this, maybe I'm due for another re-read. I do need to find a book to read in the hospital waiting room next week. If I don't find anything scintillating at the library or on my trip to Pittsburgh today, maybe I'll get that out of my boxes of books. I know exactly where it is, too -- I packed a box just for my weight loss/eating disorder books. Just call me Miss Organized.

By the way, Hubby gave up trying to diet over the weekend. So I guess Monday is D-Day. Pray for us!

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Grumpy Chair said...

Congratulations on the 2.5 pound weight loss. You are doing so awesome!