Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Quick Note on a Hectic Day

Phew. What a busy day. It started off hectic from the get-go with an 8 a.m. doctor's appointment for Mabel, work, a noon-time pickup of my mother at the garage, appointments in town, grocery shopping, then home to dishes, homework, piano and laundry. And don't forget stuffing envelopes for an hour (some comp time for work). I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30 p.m. and realized I hadn't blogged today. Forget trying to fit in my P1lates! If my exercise doesn't happen before 3:30 p.m., you can kiss it goodbye.

Yesterday I did the hour-long tape, and all I can say is, Holy Crap! While half of the exercises are on the 20-minute tape, there's a whole lot of new ones, and some that are going to take a long time for me to master. Some may never happen. But I figure I'll keep trying, and I just might surprise myself.

I am getting a lot out of the "Solution" book. I am marking pages that really hit home and make a lot of sense to me. The author, Laurel Mellin, goes into how we were raised and how we continue to "raise ourselves" as adults. My childhood was a combination of deprived emotionally with few limits, which sets up all kind of issues about too-high expectations, fear of chaos, and low self-esteem. I am currently on the chapter about nurturing yourself, which is something I definitely need to work on. I'm so prone to suppressing my own needs to someone else's, and my reaction to that is to eat to "treat" myself. So I'm learning a lot of helpful ideas and suggestions.

I'd love to go on, but it's almost time to get Mabel to bed, I've still got laundry to fold and dishes to put away. Can I leave you with my wish that I could be as fat as Tyra Banks? It is to dream...

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