Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Tell Tale Tops

Okay, first off, this is not a picture of me. It's some anonymous stock photo I found online. And in all honesty, I wish that was me!

Reality hit home this morning when I was looking for a shirt to wear and all my "skinny" tops were too tight. Mostly around the belly. What a bummer.

Now granted, today is the first day of my Time of the Month, so it is the most bloated day of my month. But still, these clothes fit me just fine in May, and now they look awful.

There's just no denying that I have been diving head first into food, solacing myself in fat, sugar and carbs, and now I'm facing the consequences. I don't need a scale to know I've gained weight, enough to make a noticeable difference.

Now on to the good news. This morning I arose with my husband's first alarm (his clock has two, one that goes off at 5:20 a.m. and and another at 5:30) and went out for a two-mile walk. It almost turned into a two mile kicking-myself for not keeping up with it this past month. I do feel so much better, more alert and awake when I do this.

This morning I also had a healthier breakfast, and I'm noticing I feel better with this in my system, too. Not a "diet" meal, but a reasonably portioned, well-balanced breakfast.

Today I'm starting new hours at work, which involves staying over part of the lunch hour. Because I have my yoga class at 1 p.m., I packed a lunch. Again, I didn't prepare a diet meal of celery and carrot sticks, but a "normal" portioned, nutritionally-balanced lunch that I will enjoy.

This morning I finally jumped back into my IE group digest emails, and if I have time I will try to visit some blogs and see how my Blog Friends are doing.

I know I'm full of optimism and excitement right now, and I do fear I'm tackling this like a diet. I hope the fact that I'm not counting calories, measuring food or making certain foods forbidden will keep that from happening. I don't expect any miracle results and will be gushing at the end of the month that my skinny clothes fit again. But I do admit that I'm finding great satisfaction in the fact that I've got a plan, I'm re-establishing routines, and it feels good. I just want to be able to look back at the end of my day and feel that I've taken care of myself -- physically and emotionally.


Lori said...

I think you're doing things that are sane, reasonable and still nourishing your body and soul. Yes, I suppose getting up early and walking 2 miles might be the beginning of a diet mentality, but I also know you enjoy the results after a while. I don't think there's an intuitive exercise program because if there was, mine would tell me to lay in front of the tv and maybe lift my legs up every so often...

Ty said...

I am looking forward to getting back into a regular routine. I'm still struggling with finding that happy medium. I know that I'm relying way too much on convenience foods and I need to work back to eating homemade,natural foods.

Jen said...

The walking is good for you in sooo many ways. Physically, mentally, spiritually...Good for you for getting back to taking positive steps for yourself. (postitive steps...hee hee...punny)