Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prayer of the Day

While I'm a church secretary, I don't consider myself ultra-religious. Spiritual, definitely, but not in a strictly Christian way.

However, I just printed out next week's bulletin and I looked at the prayer of the day:

"Benevolent, merciful God: When we are empty, fill us. When we are weak in faith, strengthen us. When we are cold in love, warm us, that with fervor we may love our neighbors and serve them for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

I'm not saying that God is speaking to me directly, but it's odd sometimes how these little snippets of wisdom tend to fall in my lap when I need them.


Beula said...

It helped me too. I am supposed to be painting today. Maybe later. I had to do something else to fill me up or I will just keep using food. New neighbors brought over a whole plate of choc chip cookies yesterday afternoon. Guess who ate most of them. And then I had supper. And then I had dessert (desert?). And then I had a bedtime snack.

Is this over eating a phase I wonder, or is it well and truly relapse? I don't want to be fatter. And food seems to be the only bright spot in my day lately. How do non-eaters deal with overwhelmedness? Do they suffer less? Do they just tough it out? Do they substitute other things to get through hard times? How does it work do you think? I am trying to turn my problems over to God and then walk away. Works better some days than others.

Bedroom problems. As a sexually abused promiscuous fundamental Christian who is now menopausal I can identify with bedroom problems. Marriage is the place where all our problems come to light. I think this may be a blessing...

Take care of yourself.

Jen said...

Praying for you...