Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Deed is Done

Well, there's no going back now: the plane tickets have been ordered. I am London bound.

Hubby came home yesterday from work and said this issue is resolved, saying, "You do what you need to do." Not a resounding endorsement, but I didn't really expect a complete turnaround and overwhelming support from him.

On Sept. 10 Linda Moran wrote a blog that really struck home, especially with this situation. I am a person who really craves validation, and I went to several people to get their input on this decision. I realize this is a sign that my confidence is not the best, that I'm not content with my own thoughts and opinions and need someone else to tell me I'm right.

In this instance I received overwhelming support for my decision to go. I brought up my pros and cons, and time and time again I was told that this was an opportunity I shouldn't pass up. Not surprisingly, the only disapproval I've received about this has been from my husband and his parents. It's not that I completely discount their opinions, but taken with all the feedback I've received, they were in the vast minority.

Will I continue to deal with fallout from this decision? Probably. But like my IE gurus say, it won't be anything that I can't tolerate. And if it crosses the line, then I address it.

By the way, the eating has been going pretty well recently. There's nothing like being assertive and taking care of myself to lead me away from binge eating.


Beula said...

"There's nothing like being assertive and taking care of myself to lead away from binge eating." Amen sister.

I hope you have a wonderful time and I hate you already. Are you going to go the the Victoria and Albert Museum? Or to Harrods. Or see a play? Or a boat ride on the Thames? Or have high tea every day? Or just stay in London or venture outward? Or go on a canal boat? Or see Hadrian's wall? Or go on a walking tour? Or visit GARDENS?

I will be with you in spirit and if I was thinner in your carry on luggage. "Have more fun."

BigAssBelle said...

well yes indeedy. isnt that amazing? i am delighted that you're going. i hope you have a blast!!