Monday, September 17, 2007

Horsing Around

This weekend was busy, but not in a greatly productive way. You could say I was horsing around.
Friday night Mabel had two friends, sisters, spend the night. They got along very well, no fighting or naughty shenanigans, and they even got to bed at a decent hour (midnight!).
We had an invitation to go out for wings that evening, too, but this sleepover had been planned well in advance. So instead of hanging out with the gang, we ate pizza, and the girls played Monopoly, sang High School Musical and Hannah Montana songs. I spent the evening subtly keeping an eye on them while I did my counted cross stitch.
The next morning I took the three girls out to my mom's place to see all the animals (yes, those are my mom's horses above). She's got a whole menagerie of horses, a pony, a sheep, two burros, goats, chickens, cats and dogs. The girls had a ball petting, and feeding the different critters and even rode the pony.

This visit felt like forever to me (I know, I'm a jaded "been there, done that" girl) and I brought along my newspapers and caught up on the news. But eventually we made it back home, and the girls' mom came and picked them up. I managed to get some more cross stitching done, and I finished this little project for my friend's birthday. This is a great weekend project and comes with the matting and glass with clips. It makes a great present for friends or family, especially those who appreciate "home made" gifts.

Saturday evening Mabel had to cheer at a game, and what a difference it was from the weekend before! At the Sept. 8 game we were fighting for a seat in the shade, and someone actually was dealing with the first stages of heat stroke. On Sept. 15 we wore coats, hats, gloves and snuggled in fuzzy blankets to keep warm.

After the game we stopped at my friends' house (J&M, who are going to London with me), chatted it up for a while and didn't get home until midnight.

I was going to go to church Sunday morning, but Mabel claimed she didn't feel well (sore throat, sniffles) and was being all demanding for tea, soup, etc., so I stayed home with her.

The majority of the day I worked on counted cross stitch again -- this big project I've been working on here and there for the last couple months -- and I really made a big dent in it. At 5:30 Mabel and I went to my friend's birthday party, while Hubby stayed home and started working on preparations for a big meal/party/event we're having next weekend. It was an interesting party-- while it was my friend L's birthday on Saturday, she was celebrating her dog's birthday that Sunday, even getting a cake with her golden retriever's name on it. It was a cute event and we had a nice time.

Oh, another weekend highlights: Mabel was celebrating winning first prize for two different pictures she drew of Tinkerbell at our local community fair. I will have to take pictures of them and post them here so I can boast and brag about my talented little girl.

So yes, another busy weekend. Eating wasn't the greatest, but not terrible. At least when I'm cross stitching I'm not eating. But when I take breaks, I don't make the best choices and have little portion control. But I'm not feeling completely out of control, so I guess that's good.


Ty said...

Abby would love to come visit your mom's horses, she really wants to start riding lessons.

My eating has been all over the place, I'm either eating too much or not enough.

Grumpy Chair said...

Your mom's white horse reminds me of my mom's white horse named "Blue".

This year seems like I let it go down the toilet, but I'm doing what I can to get the same momentum I had last fall.

Hope all is well and hubby has calmed down over the trip.

Lori said...

What a bunch of great photos! It sounded like a nice weekend for you and Mabel.

I don't think you or GC has let things go; I think sometimes we need a learning curve on dealing with life. It's not a straight road we're traveling.