Monday, April 09, 2007

Technical Difficulties

For Easter vacation, my husband decided to try to "fix" our computer. We had a few bugs get into it over the past six months and he was getting irritated with the little things they were affecting.

Well, he proceeded to wipe the computer out, losing all our files. He had to wipe the whole thing clean and start over again from scratch. Fortunately, I had backed up the majority of my files a few months ago when we first started having some problems. But I lost some new photos of the puppies, as well as all my backups of my blog entries. Granted, the blog entries aren't lost forever, they're here online, but it will still be a pain backing them all up again.

So, while all this was going on, I was computerless and blogless for the weekend.

I have to say I'm not too proud of myself this weekend. Despite my good intentions, I didn't follow through on any of the good plans I had. I have no redeeming stories to tell you, no wonderful stories of progress, mindfulness or anything even remotely weight loss related. Well, other than friends and relatives who hadn't seen me in a while commenting that I looked so much thinner than the last time we met. It was a little hard to hear and enjoy as I was shoving my face full of food.

I also had a mini-meltdown on Friday. I guess it was the combination of sleep deprivation, having everyone home on break, watching my rambunctious niece and two demanding puppies, plus mourning my damaged computer and getting a little miffed at Hubby as he spent hours piddling with the computer instead of helping me with above mentioned children and dogs. My nerves were shot and I ranted and raved like a lunatic.

This meltdown is a chicken or the egg conundrum. Did it cause the eating fest or did the eating fest cause it? Because they began pretty much simultaneously. All I know is, I haven't felt that stressed out and angry for a long, long time. By Saturday it was better, but then that night I wound up having a "discussion" with Hubby over situations that had arisen during the day that had me mad. So again, more mental turbulence that also surrounded more eating.

By Sunday it was just exhaustion and candy overload and the second family dinner in two days.

Hopefully my next post will be more positive and will have something good to report. Wish me well.


Vickie said...

Have I ever told you the one about my former neighbor that was having a major party - and was behind on her "last minute picking up"? She asked her hubby to help - went into the bedroom - came back and he had DUMPED the kitchen junk drawer on the middle of the kitchen floor and was sitting there with junk in his hands looking a little lost - he was helping by cleaning out the drawer. He did survive the night - but just barely. . .

I have a college computer guru - my mom uses the same kid - can do ANYTHING including retrieve crashed systems - is cheap and will come any time you need him - find a high school/college geek.

Beula said...

Oh I am so happy to hear I am not the only one to have an Easter "meltdown." I made a nut of my self hollering and carrying on. I had gained four pounds and was feeling like a toad.

We spent Easter afternoon putting up a clothes line in the rain. This was supposed to take ten minutes and it took five hours. I was doing okay holding my tongue until after all the work the darn thing turned out to be eight feet tall. I came unglued when Mark asked if I could hang up clothes using a stool? I was frozen and mad and had cake and ice cream for supper with popcorn for dessert. I was sure glad when the day was over. As usual this too has passed. Thank Heaven.

Lori said...

You made me laugh with your comment on my blog about the potato.

Maybe when you looked at the candy, it spelled out, "EAT ME"?

I would have had some Easter candy myself but I could only walk 2 aisles and the Easter candy was about 15 aisles away. The next time, I'll pick a smaller store...

Being angry and resentful is hard; throw in being tired and stressed and you have a bad situation. I know you'll get it together. You're already doing it by reporting your weekend. This isn't an Aesop fable; no moral is needed.

Beula, you're a good woman. My mother and I would have asked Mark if he was going to go out and hang clothes since he would be the only one tall enough to do that.

Am I the only one who doesn't like holidays?

Andrea K said...

Vickie, my husband IS the high school/college geek, although a bit older now. He can build computers from scratch and has taught courses in it to high school kids.