Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interesting Developments

Interesting developments yesterday. They're all disconnected from each other, so I'll just get started:

Hubby went to the doctor for a sinus infection. When he came home he told me that the doctor also prescribed Mer1d1a. I tried to be positive about this, but I must admit I'm a little leery of prescription weight loss medication. I guess my concern is that a lot of people think these pills are a magic cure that will turn them into Ha11e Berry or Brad P1tt overnight. This doesn't happen and people get disappointed and depressed. Hubby's doctor was realistic with him and told him he could expect to lose 20-30 pounds. This would be enough to improve his health and make him feel better, which is the main point. I know I'm going to be as supportive as possible and help him however I can.

Our puppies had a vet appointment yesterday, and I'm so glad I went. The last time Hubby went alone and he came back telling me the vet told him the puppies should eat all they want, all day long. I just knew this didn't sound right, and I intended to broach the subject during the exam. Well, I didn't have to; the vet (apparently a different one from last time) brought the subject up on his own and informed us the dogs should be fed twice a day, and to follow the instructions on the food bag. I was so glad he did this, as well as spouting off all kinds of scientific studies proving that doing this helps to prevent hip dysplasia and will not stunt their growth. My husband, being a science teacher, ate all this up, and now we're finally on the same page about this. I won't say our doggies are on a diet, because they're not obese, but they are now on a scheduled food plan, which will hopefully prevent this from happening.

I mentioned to Hubby that my friend JH has been reading my blog and sends me occasional emails commenting on it and telling me how proud she is of me. Hubby replied that he better start reading this himself, and I immediately replied, "Uh-oh! Maybe I better start a second one!"
This was the wrong thing to say, because he immediately got paranoid and said "I don't know if I like the thought of you airing things to the world that you don't want me to see."
I then found myself backpedaling, telling him that when I do bring him up I don't use his name, don't go into personal marital matters, and everything I write usually has something to do with weight loss or food. For example, I listed last week's brownie episode as one that featured him prominently. I proceeded to tell him that when I write the blog, in the back of my mind I picture him reading it, so I write accordingly. This seemed to calm him down. So, if he does track this thing down, I love you, honey!
The last couple days my neck and shoulders have been bothering me, like in the "bad old days." I'm not sure what the cause is: maybe I slept funny; maybe all my stress is concentrating there; maybe walking outside on pavement is jolting it too much; maybe I did something during Pilates. But I'm all tense and tight and most disturbing of all, I've got a little tingling in my left hand. I'm trying to do all the stretching exercises from my PT days, as well as dragging back out my heating pad and my massager to try to loosen it all up. But if it doesn't straighten out in the next couple days I may have to call my neurosurgeon. It's been less than a year since my neck surgery, and while I got a "thumbs up" at my six-month check up, that doesn't mean something can't still develop. I'm keeping a close eye on it.

Related to this, last week I got a letter from the family of the donor who gave me the tissue that replaced my vertebra. I had tears in my eyes as I read the letter from the wife who tragically lost her sweet, gentle husband and father of her children. But she said she was so glad that my life has improved because of the gift he was able to give me, because he was the kind of guy who was always thinking of others.

I finished up the PBS show I mentioned in yesterday's post. While it did give some pretty discouraging facts and figures when it comes to obesity and dieting, it did try to end in a positive light with several of the people featured losing significant amounts of weight. Whether they're able to keep it off in five, 10 or 20 years remains to be seen.

That's all I can think of right now. I feel like I just threw a bunch of scattered ramblings together and called it a post, but that's pretty much the state of my mind today.


Grumpy Chair said...

What a lovely letter to receive.

Last summer, when I first started blogging, I would ask my hubby to read it. Now I don't and haven't since late last year. I may sometimes ask him if a sentence sounds funny but that is it. I like having a place to vent about up and down weight, dieting struggles, etc. If I complain to him - he just shrugs it off with "eat less, move more". The blog is probably keeping him safe from my wrath.

Anonymous said...

What the first vet recommended is called free feeding. My dogs are free fed. They eat what they want and stop (I wish I could say the same). Their weight is stable (at least I can say that).


Beula said...

Mark read my blog once and said he was going to change his name and claim he didn't know me. But, he is delighted when other people think he is as funny as I do.