Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Vacation

My friend has sent me another odd vintage holiday card. Here the poor little chick is forced by her mother to watch her unhatched sibling offered up to the giant skillet, held by a disturbing upright rabbit (The Real Easter Bunny?) in a jaunty little outfit. Not sure what's so joyful about this.

I've come to the decision I'm giving myself another "by week," which I haven't done since Thanksgiving. It sort of started last night, when we went out for dinner and I made some not-so-great choices. It was by no means a binge or even an overeating session -- I simply went with full calorie salad dressing, ate 1 piece (not 2, 3 or 6) of garlic bread, a few tiny bites of chili, mac & cheese and broccoli salad (none of which were that great so I didn't finish them), real butter on my sweet potato, and I finished off with some dessert. One small plate, not three trips to the buffet with the big salad plate. And the scale confirmed this morning that I didn't go overboard.

I'm also still exercising. Despite the howling winds, snow and cold temperature this morning, I got up and did my half hour each of bike and treadmill. I measured out my breakfast and packed my healthy morning snack, and I have a steak salad planned for lunch. Having said that, I must also admit I took three pieces of Easter candy from my daughter's stash. Not the whole thing, just three small pieces.

So here's the plan: I'm going to try to eat healthy meals and snacks, but I'm not going to berate myself if I eat something that isn't low fat or calorie. I'm not going to fret over calories or fat grams, and I'm going to officially hide my scale until late next week. I plan on doing some form of exercise every day. I really feel that I need this little break. I'm definitely feeling some diet fatigue, bordering on burn out, and I think a few days of not worrying about it. This is all with the knowledge that on Monday I go back to the routine.

Although from the previous paragraph it doesn't sound like I'm veering that far off my routine. I guess that's because a lot of it has become second nature. The exercise feels good. I truly enjoy the flavor of many healthy foods, especially vegetables! I really don't like the feeling of being so full I'm physically ill. These are great, and proof that some of these changes I've made have been deep and life altering.

Posting will be a little dodgy the next few days. Tomorrow my niece is coming over to play with Mabel while my sister is at class; Saturday is my family's holiday dinner, and on Sunday my sister-in-law is having one for hers and our husbands' family.

So if I don't post again until Monday, have a great Easter holiday.

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