Sunday, April 01, 2007

Half A Cop Out Equals Progress

In my last post I said if I didn't eat healthy and mindfully Saturday it would be a cop-out.

Well, call it half a cop-out.

I started the day great -- I took a 2-mile walk through town and was mindful of my food for breakfast, snack, lunch, and even afternoon snack.

Then came supper. Mabel had been hounding me all day to take her to Chinese. It's always "our place" because Hubby doesn't like to go (digestive track issues -- the same goes for McDonald's). My Mom and a young friend of ours also wanted to go, so I caved in and took them. No, there was no gun to my head. I chose to go, and I chose not to be mindful once I got there. The evening basically went downhill from that point on.

I could really smack myself around and blather on about accountability, not making healthy choices, being lazy and taking the "easy" way out.

Instead, I'm going to see the glass as half full. Both Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to throw all caution to the wind and make each day a full-blown binge fest, socking away 1,000 calories for breakfast and going hog wild from there. Lord knows most of my weekends this winter have been that way.

This time, I chose to minimize the damage: I broke the habit of heading for the unhealthy foods in the morning, I stuck to my planned lunches, I even exercised. No, they weren't perfect days. But they were much improved over past weekends. Progress over perfection, right? Again, that might sound like a big old cop-out for some of you, and if it does, I understand. But if I take that stance it will turn into flagellating myself, which in the old days always drove me into even more overeating. But if I do look at what I have improved upon, it encourages me to do even better next time.

I still have today, Sunday, to tackle. It's back to the Maple Festival, where the healthy choices are pretty much nonexistent. I think I'll pack a cooler with some healthier choices and again try to keep the overeating to a minimum.

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