Saturday, December 02, 2006

Week Nine Weigh In

Well, there's bad news and not-so-bad news.

My weight this morning was 219. Yes, it's bad that I've gained 2.5 pounds. But it could have been a LOT worse. Even though my attempts at getting back on track this past week were a little dodgy, each day I got a little better, and each day I got rid of more of the holiday bloat. A few more days and I think I'll have the rest gone, too.

I'm taking pride in the fact that I didn't say "what the hell" and continue to overeat. I made the effort to get back to routine. Despite my goof-ups I managed to stay in the "teens." According to my journals I am 26 pounds less than I was last year at Thanksgiving. All reasons to celebrate.

I did pretty well at the buffet last night. I definitely ate what I wanted, but I was surprised that I just didn't want that much. Nothing looked amazingly appealing to me. If I picked something out that I wasn't thrilled with, I didn't finish it. I took tiny little servings on my plate, telling myself if I wanted more, I'd get it. I did go for seconds, but again, tiny amounts. And I got the piece of cake I wanted, but after eating about half I got sick of it and pushed it away. I felt surprisingly satisfied. Is it weird to feel abnormal eating in a "normal" way?

I have to run, but before I go I have to say I love the feeling when I'm on the treadmill and I'm listening to a song that has just the right tempo for the pace I'm walking. At 4 miles an hour Mad0nna's "Ray of Light" is absolutely perfect; I hit a groove and was on a major endorphin high for a good 10 minutes. Of course, all good things must pass, and now my foot's flaring up. But I'll rest it today and do the bike tomorrow to give it a break.

Time to go take Mabel to dance class; I'm taking along my Christmas cards to address while I wait for her. I love killing two birds with one stone; I even typed this post while talking to my Mom on the phone! I am the Queen of Multitasking!


Vickie said...

thanks for the nice note!

Please, go back and look at the updated information that I added.

After I looked all that up this morning, I was very curious where I was NOW and what the reference chart said about all my levels.

So, I went in and had myself re-tested this morning and also wrote down the whole reference chart.

I posted both.

It was interesting to see my body fat trail - before I had just looked at my weight trail.

Vickie said...

You did WAY better than me - while looking things up I realized I have dropped 20 pounds in the last year. So, 26 looks good. And I NEVER BEAT MYSELF up over 2 pounds - I consider 2 pounds to be normal UP leeway - so get rid of the .5 and you are in normal fluctuation range (in my opinion) - 2 pounds of rapid gain can be lost just as rapidly!!!