Monday, December 18, 2006

Deja Vu All Over Again

I wish I could report that I did a spectacular job with food and exercise this past weekend, but that would be fibbing. The exercise went fine -- on Saturday I did my usual hour-long variety of cardio, stretching and resistance sets, and Sunday I had a mini moving marathon session which consisted of climbing up and down LOTS of stairs, and lugging around lots of boxes and bags of belongings. I worked up just as much of a sweat as my regular exercise, if not even a little more since I didn't have a fan blowing on me.

The food part of the weekend, however, did not go well. It was a combination of things: busy and not enough time to plan out meals like I should have; holiday fever starting to creep in, as well as the Christmas goodies; and copping out on finding alternative ways to comfort and de-stress myself after hectic days.

The good news is I'm back on the good old routine today, like I am most every Monday.

Before I beat myself up about these weekend blunders, I have to sit back and look at the cold, hard numbers. Yes, most weekends I tend to slip up on eating healthy. BUT, most weeks I also tend to lose some weight -- it may not be a lot, but all the experts tell you to take it slow and steady, right? The only time I didn't lose the weight was over Thanksgiving, but I quickly corrected that and have lost five more pounds since then.

So, maybe instead of beating myself up for "cheating" on the weekends, maybe I need to realize that this just happens to be the situation that works for me (I'd call it a plan, but I don't really go into the weekends with the intention of eating poorly). This is all dependent, of course, on my willingness to snap back into healthy mode come Monday morning. So far, that hasn't been a problem. In fact, on Monday mornings I'm downright eager to get back to routine! And the results have been decent so far -- enough weight loss to keep me motivated, but not too much, too fast.

I think there's some version of this called the "Wendie" plan floating out there; I think Vickie mentioned it on her blog before. I believe it involves varying your caloric intake to keep your metabolism from petering out; I'll have to do more research and see if I'm getting this right.

I hear the cliche "if ain't broke, don't fix it" going through my head. The only problem is, I don't think I have it perfected yet. My eating on the weekends is still a little too out of control, and that worries me. Ideally I'd like to keep my "splurging" a little more confined and controlled. But that's me, the control freak perfectionist.

Ugh. Gotta go already. My days are so hectic right now! I'll be so glad when it slows down!

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