Friday, December 22, 2006

The Week Twelve Weigh In

Well, I scheduled my baby's surgery today. Poor Mabel. Although her biggest concern is that her voice will change and it will ruin her burgeoning singing career. "Cancel my concert in May!" she exclaimed (after her glorious debut at church, she's been asked to sing at a concert benefiting a local group that sends care packages to soldiers). I told her there's nothing to worry about and she'll be fine in May.

Meanwhile, all my surgery anxieties are reignited. I just hate the thought of being operated on, but my daughter? I remember the emotional devastation I experienced two years ago when she had a severe asthma attack and had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where she stayed for three days. This isn't nearly as dire as that horrible day; it's pre-planned, and the procedure is a pretty common one and not as hard on kids her age. Still, my baby girl's going under the knife!

But I just don't have the time to dwell on that right now. I'm wrapping things up at work, the house is as clean as I'm going to get it for our family dinner tomorrow, and I've moved an amazing amount of stuff out of the house this week. Other than my husband's den of dismay ("oy oy oy," my Austrian grandma would say), there's very little left in the main part of the house. I've come to the conclusion, however, that the attic and garage are going to have to be moved at a later date. The house hasn't even gone on the market yet, so we have the time. It looks like my after-Christmas/after move project will be going through these things and deciding what moves, what goes to charity and what gets tossed.

As much as I hate moving, it does force you to realize how much stuff you really collect. When you have to box it all up, then a few weeks later open the box back up and figure out a place for it, it's time to decide if it's really needed. And I've been doing my best the last few years in minimizing and downsizing -- gee, I've been doing that with my body, too! Coincidence?

I guess getting on the scale is like that moving process. Seeing that number forces you to face the reality of what you've accumulated on your body. You've picked up certain coping skills and habits and store them in the shelves of your mind. Now it's time to take a good look at them and decide if they still have a place in your new attitude. I certainly wouldn't push the bad habits on someone else, so I guess they have to hit the trash.

It's a day early for my weigh-in, but I know I'm not going to get online tomorrow. I'm taking my good friend to the train station in the morning, then hosting my family dinner in the afternoon and evening. So I'm doing the Week Twelve Weigh In today. I'm down another pound -- 213 -- which is a return to my all-time low for 2006. That's 20 pounds in 12 weeks -- an average of 1.67 pounds a week. A decent and steady loss that I can be proud of.

The last time I got to 213 was the end of June. Then came the Fourth of July, and from there my weight crept back up with my surgery and related stress. I remember being really anxious and sad at that time, afraid I'd never see 213 again and that there was something inherently broken in me that kept me from keeping the weight off.

But here I am, a few months later, feeling relieved that I made it back. I'm proud that I was able to turn myself around before things got completely out of control. And once again, I proved that you can lose weight during the holidays.

Having said that, here comes the Weekend of Excess. I don't know what game plan I can come up with that will compete with the sheer volume of food and events I have to contend with. The best I can do is truly enjoy the foods I love and not waste the calories on foods that are just "eh." I'm going to try to eat slowly, listen to my body and its signals, and try to bring more focus on the people I'm with rather than the food that's served. And most importantly, I have to try to break myself of the "I need to eat it all like it's my last day on earth" mentality. There will be other Christmases. If leftovers have to be thrown away, it is not sacrilege. It is not my job to finish every morsel of holiday food to the point of feeling ill.

As for next week? With the move and its chaos coming right after Christmas, the odds of me losing weight by next Saturday are extremely low. But I do intend on weighing in next week. If I know I have to post that number on here next weekend, maybe that will help me say no to seconds (or thirds, or fourths!) and keep me mindful of what I'm consuming.

So, Merry Christmas, everyone! Let your gatherings be dysfunction-free, may your gifts be memorable and may the food not overwhelm us.


Vickie said...

My youngest is the only one with ads/tonsils out - she was 3 and did stay over night (planned ahead - her doctor is the same one that did my sinus surgery - keeps all kids under 4 overnight).

I took her to the hospital the week before - she got to try on a hospital gown, ride on a gurney (sp?), see where they keep the ice cream, and see the kissing corner where you kiss your mom and dad and then go for a ride down the hall.

She had NO anxiety the day of - knew what to expect.

She did feel awful when she woke up - make sure they give your daughter something for her stomach and then as soon as they let you - push fluids - dehydration is one of the biggest commplications - they don't want to drink because of sore throat. So you want that IV of fluids in for as long as they let you.

I think your daughter will probably be outpatient? Older kids usually are.

Stock up on DVD's and CD's - she'll be laying low the rest of that week.

Youngest's problem was actually ads - but I insisted they take the tonsils too - since they were in there anyway.

Vickie said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!