Thursday, December 07, 2006

Am I Bored? Or procrastinating?

Yes, I got bored. Plus I got sick of Blogger pestering me about switching to Beta. So I did it. I picked a new template and added some new things.

I think I like the lighter background. The old one was kind of dark, and since this time of year I'm easily drawn into depression, I figured I'd brighten things up a bit.

I'm also adding links to some of my favorite blogs -- I'm sure I'll add more as I remember them or find new ones.

I'm debating about putting a section with my current statistics, goals, etc. Another future project.

I suppose I could have been wrapping presents, cleaning my house, all kinds of nice, housewifey things. But I had to release my inner computer geek. It's also called procrastination. Hey, at least I'm not eating!

By the way, so far it's another "low drama" day. Could it be that sitting in front of that sunshine stimulator for five hours a day at work is boosting my serotonin levels? Hey, even if it's in my mind, I'm good with that. Placebo effect? Count me in! Whatever keeps me from the winter malaise, followed by the cold weather binge eating.

Gotta' go get the kid. I'm taking the car because it's snowing like a "mofo" out there, and I'm a big scaredy cat about slipping and dislocating my knee for the 40th time!

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