Friday, March 23, 2007

The Week 25 Weigh In

This dog hunting business is for the birds! What a roller coaster ride.

I was all ready to go see this yellow Lab when Hubby calls me on the cell phone on his way home from work. He had a message from the woman selling the dog... and the dog's gone. Apparently a buddy of her husband showed up with cash in hand and he gave the dog to him.

Talk about major disappointment. When Hubby came home I said to him, "You know, maybe all these signs are pointing to the fact that we just aren't meant to have a dog yet." I don't consider myself extremely superstitious, but I don't tend to ignore the signs when they're popping up all over the place, either.

Then Mabel came home and we had to disappoint her yet again. But... I opened the classified section of the paper and the first ad under the pet section was for Labradoodles, chocolate and black, ready for Easter. Hubby called the number, and it sounded like a good deal. The lady selling the dogs has the parents in her home; she's an older lady who has decided this is her last litter because she's getting too old to deal with breeding dogs. But she decided to have one last litter because her granddaughter wants one. The price is fair, and Hubby asked her all kinds of breeding questions and whatnot and she was very responsive with everything.

So maybe, as I told my family, maybe these other ones weren't supposed to work out for a reason. We told the lady we'd be up next week to see/get one, and hopefully this one will finally work out.

Vickie asked me what our allergist said about getting a dog. Mabel's allergy nurse who gives her the shot every week said Labradoodles were a good choice; one of the doctors in their office has allergies, got one and was very happy with it. So that was good news, too.

And here's MORE good news: this morning the scale read 204.5 -- a two pound loss! It's a day early for my usual weigh-in, but with my friend SS spending the night tonight and since I'll be entertaining him for most of the weekend, I don't know if I'll have much time to post. In addition the Maple Festival starts this weekend and Hubby is cooking there Sunday, so we will be there all day, too.

I can't tell you how freakin' happy I was to see my plateau end. But there was no mystery to it -- for three weeks I was sick and didn't exercise, so my weight stayed the same. This week I got my butt back into gear -- literally and figuratively -- and voila, weight loss.

Now I just have to try to behave myself this weekend. Gonna' be a hard one. We're going out for supper tonight, my friend SS and other friend JH are attending a Maple Festival banquet Saturday night, and Sunday I'll be surrounded by festival food. The trick is to adopt my Christmas-time approach: eat what I want, but small portions. As for the festival, I don't have to eat it all in one day; we'll be back next Sunday, too, so I can space the fun food out over the two weekends.

I also want to get off to a good start on my Fitness Challenge and have some exercise on the books for the first day, Sunday. So hopefully the exercise will help stave off some of the urge to binge, too.

So if I don't get back here until Monday, here's wishing everyone a good weekend. Dodge the raindrops and have a good time!


Lori said...

Double Yay for the weight loss and the Dog Possibilities. I really think it's good that you get a puppy for Mabel; it will be more fun for her.

I'm really glad that the plateau ended -- you deserve it.

jen said...

Labradoodles are super-cute and friendly too. And with the popularity of Labs, it's not a bad thing to get some new genes into that pool, IMHO.

Congrats on the weight loss. You'll be in the 190s in no time!