Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Changes in Attitude

Feeling much better today. Not 100 percent, but the throat's much better. Nose is a little stuffed up, though. Hubby and Mabel are also experiencing similar symptoms, so maybe we all caught a little bug in Pittsburgh or something. I'm thinking it's not strep, thank goodness.

For the second day in a row I got to the gym and did treadmill and bike again. It feels so good to be getting back into my routine, and the early morning exercise makes me feel more energized in the mornings. I think it will also help me get off this plateau I've been on the past few weeks.

Not that I'm all that overwrought by the plateau. You'd think I'd be all upset and yanking my hair out over the fact that I'm 7 pounds away from the Onederfuls and yet I keep malingering here at 206.5. Well, hey, after three years and 130 pounds, I guess I'm a little jaded. As much as I aspire to leave the 200s, I know that when I do there isn't going to be a whole lot of change: balloons and confetti will not instantly shower upon me from my bathroom ceiling; a sports car will not be idling outside my house waiting for me to climb in to the back seat so I can take my place of honor in the parade held just for my weight loss accomplishments; Ed McMahon (or whoever is doing it these days) will not be at my door with a million dollar check.

Which doesn't mean I don't want to get there. Despite the lack of fanfare, I still want to see that 1 pop up on my digital scale. I want the satisfaction of knowing that I hung in there, slugged my way through another winter and came through on the other side blazing through the biggest milestone yet. I want that sense of accomplishment. And hey, maybe my jeans will fit better, too.

I don't know if it's the cold medicine, the exercise, or the sunny sky, but I'm feeling really empowered and confident about all of this today. Maybe it's starting "Thin For Life" and reading about all these other people who've done it.

I'm also realizing I'm growing weary of this weekend binge nonsense. Oh, it definitely has served its purpose, keeping me mindful and forcing me to have some limits by not overeating five days a week. But this past weekend I really found myself finding less pleasure in it, and this feeling was strong enough that I ate a good deal less than I have on previous weekends. I left food on my plate several times throughout the weekend, and some of the goodies I saved up for the weekend didn't even get touched.

Again, I don't know what exactly is causing this shift in attitude, but I'm not going to question it too much, because I don't want it to go away!

Another possible cause is my new project. Last year I walked in our local newspaper's 5k/10k walk/run. I tagged along with my mom, who got us on a team set up by a friend of hers. This year I decided to set up my own team with my church, and coincidentally this year the paper has set up a "Pastor's Challenge" for area churches. I am now Team Captain (for which I got a cool long-sleeved T-shirt!), and I'm quickly trying to round up people for the team.

In addition to the race, the paper also hold a Fitness Challenge that has participants record their exercise for two months. The time you exercise gets converted into points that go toward your team's efforts. I am going to do this challenge as well, and I have to admit this has my motivation levels rising, too. As it turns out, last year's female winner of the Fitness Challenge was my cousin JE, who is an exercise fiend and does hours a day (it helps that she's not married, doesn't have kids, and is a college professor who has a pretty open schedule to fit in tons of walking and biking). I don't dare think I'll get close to her totals, but I definitely want to improve on my current exercise levels, and this is a way to keep track and kick it up a notch.

Yesterday I mentioned this dog issue rearing its head again. My husband got in contact with a breeder who raises Labradoodles. Yes, it is half Labrador Retriever, half Poodle. Apparently these dogs are good for those with allergies because they don't shed, or at least very little. This designer breed is also supposed to be a docile, family dog who still has some of the hunting/retrieving instincts, which Hubby wants so badly.

The breeder has two black female puppies that are 10 weeks old, so pretty much ready to go to homes. He is supposed to call us soon and set up a day for us to see them. Hubby and Mabel are so excited, but I still have my concerns. Namely, things MUST change in our household! Shoes and toys and other chewables can't be left lying around anymore, or will be turned into chew toys. More importantly, Hubby's nomadic ways will have to be curtailed; we can't be running hither and yon all the time, because this dog will need lots of attention and supervision. We can't be leaving the dog in the house for hours on end while he and his parents drag us to meals and shopping sprees. If we do, the dog will get bored, lonely, and that always winds up meaning destructive tendencies.

So Mama here is going to have a serious talk with her little family. People better be ready to take on more responsibilities around here, and some of our current activities will have to be cut down. Or no dog. It should be an interesting conversation.


jen said...

You're really close to your goal of seeing that 1 at the beginning of your weight. Hopefully a new puppy won't be too much of a distraction for you. I agree with you -- you have to get people in line and ready for the dog, so that she doesn't get blamed for their bad behavior.

Lori said...

That's really great that you're doing to do that fitness program. I meant to comment about your post on the weekend eating -- you're really making a lot of progress with that too.

As for the dog; yes, you have to get the family to understand that s/he won't know that those are your favorite shoes, books, etc. (Billy chewed up one of my favorite bras when we first got him.)

I bet they are cute as a bug though.

I'm always impressed with how you think about what you're doing, even if it's not something you want to be doing. You'll get to onderland soon, I know!