Friday, March 02, 2007

A Good Friday

Things are looking up at my house. After four doses of antibiotics I'm definitely feeling better. Which is a relief, because yesterday afternoon I really felt ill and was crashing hard. But Mommy duties prevailed -- I had to get Mabel to her allergy shot appointment, and we needed a few things at the grocery store. But I tried to make my errands as brief as possible and get home to snuggle up in some warm blankets.

I got an added boost this morning when I checked my home scale and it read 209. Very happy to see myself below 210 again! Yes, I confess, I've fallen off the wagon about not weighing every day. But at least it's making me happy, not depressed.

This morning I completed my National Weight Control Registry papers and have them ready to mail. Writing out my stats really brought home my accomplishments. According to the NWCR, maintaining a loss of 30 pounds for more than a year qualifies you to be in their study and is a "success" in their eyes. I've kept off that initial 30 pounds for three years now -- plus adding another 100 pounds on top of that!

This really made me re-evaluate my temporary disappointment when I was looking back at the past two months and realized I've been bobbing up and down on the same five pounds. According to the NWCR, that's called maintenance. While I was really hoping to lose over the winter instead of maintain, my true goal was to not gain, and I achieved that. So it's pretty difficult to be disappointed about that!

Hubby's viewpoint is also brightening. He's feeling better, too, and he told me this morning he's slowly getting rid of the regain that crept up on him the last two weeks. I told him that was great and told him about the article I read yesterday about making changes in your life. It said you should expect to fall off the wagon, because that's human nature; the trick is to not let that stop you and to keep on trying.

He and his brother, dad, and his brother's father-in-law are having a poker night tonight, so it appears I'll have a guy-free night. It'd be great if my sister-in-law and I could get together, because it's so hard for us to do that without the spouses, parents, in-laws, etc., included. I'll try to call her after she gets off work and see if she has anything planned yet.

I'm going to finish up here by mentioning my thought processes this morning. Most weeks this winter, by this point I'm chomping at the bit for my "good" days to be over so I can eat what I want on the weekend. While part of me feels that a little today, there's another part that thinks about that scale reading this morning and says, "Aw, do we have to? We're doing so well!"

It's so nice to have that voice re-emerging from my seasonally depressed brain. I don't know if it's because I'm feeling better, the fact that I was sick all week and craving food wasn't on my agenda at all, or because it's now March, the days are getting longer and the temperatures have been warmer this week. Whatever the cause, I'm just glad that winter's almost over and I can get back to the job at hand -- losing 10 more pounds to reach the Onederfuls!

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