Saturday, October 21, 2006

Week Three Weigh-In

After the last two posts I feel like I've been hubby bashing. Yes, he is critical about food, but I will say he's that way about EVERYONE'S food. Restaurants, friends, family, it doesn't matter. And he's always the harshest when it comes to his own cooking. It's kind of become the family joke, and in my two years with him I'm learning to take it with a grain of salt and a smirk.

And in his defense, in general Hank is exceptionally complimentary to me and often calls me "the perfect woman." Which I always scoff at, and he frowns at me and says, "I wish you'd let yourself believe how wonderful you are, because it's true." My sweetie.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say it paid off to change my weigh-in day to Saturday. Official weight this morning is 223, so a loss of 2.5 pounds, for a total of 10 pounds since my blog began. Yippee!

Now here's the challenge: I have no big parties, dinners, events scheduled for this weekend. So I have no excuse whatsoever to overindulge, pig out, or anything closely resembling it. While it's nice to have a "free day," nothing's ever free. I wind up paying for it by bloating up from the fat, sugar and carbs, and it takes me days to recover. This situation breeds the frustration of the "two steps forward, one step back" mentality that can quickly derail me.

When I can get through a weekend without eating too much, it's amazing how good I feel, and it's proven I can lose the weight a whole lot faster when I'm not sabotaging myself. So, that's my goal. Maneuver through Saturday and Sunday without going wild, and who knows where I'll be by next weigh-in.

You know, I just decided to make Saturday weigh-in day, but I'm going to have to change it again already. Friday we're leaving for Washington DC. One of my closest friends and his partner are having a commitment ceremony, and I'm one of the attendants in the "connubials," as he's calling it. His partner is a sommelier (trained wine expert) and a foodie, so I know there will be excellent meals in store for us. I know darn well I'm not going to be able to resist all the gourmet delicacies laid out in front of me. But if I can go into the weekend close to the 220 mark, I'd be one happy bridesmaid (groomsman? I have no idea what to call myself!).

My other goal, I've mentioned before, is to get to the Trader Joe's in DC and go shopping for some unusual healthy foods. One item in particular I can't wait to try is House Foods Tofu Shirataki Noodles. Hungry Girl has a ton of low-calorie recipes for these tofu and yam flour noodles, and I'm hoping these things will satisfy my longing for pasta dishes. I'll feel a little less guilty about my weekend if I spend part of it planning healthy meals for the future. One step back, two steps forward, right?


Lori said...

Oh I think everyone has their own foibles. I'm glad he treats you well.

As the foodie weekend...try walking around, listening to what people say is GOOD and just pick out what you would really want to eat and/or feel badly about missing. I'm sure someone will say just take two bites and if you can do that, great!

In this article about a book, the author recommends putting only two items on your plate at an all you can eat buffet. I bought the book but I haven't gotten to the WHY of that. It sounds like a lovely event and it should be quite festive!

Vickie said...

Do you remember my writing about the 3 bite woman that lives in my neighborhood - picks out what she really wants - then eats 3 normal bites and then gets rid of the rest. She does not leave the remaining bits on her plate!!! she swears by this when she is somewhere with major food where she want to try things.