Monday, October 30, 2006

Return to Sanity

Well, it's Monday, the weekend's over, and in the words of Our Lady of Weight Loss:

"All is forgiven."

So much for strategies and game plans. The food was so spectacular, so delicious and beautiful and artistically made. I would go into detail but I think we AFGers call that "food porn." I do have to say I fell head over heels for this cauliflower soup, although the peanut and raisin clusters with the cayenne-infused chocolate turned my head, too. I was utterly smitten with the brie baked in pastry, but I was floored by the freshest tasting strawberries and raspberries I've ever eaten.

It was definitely a "lost weekend" for a foodie, which most of our gang could be called. My hubby in particular raved about most everything, which is saying something!

Do I feel guilty about it? Well, honestly, not really. I really savored every mouthful, and I knew come Monday morning I'd be back to the old routine. So I tossed the scale under the bed when I came home, because I just didn't feel like punishing myself. I'll check back in on Saturday.

There were lots of people I ran into who raved about my appearance. People who haven't seen me in a while were really amazed at my transformation. I smiled and thanked them and enjoyed the compliments. I had lots of people to talk to and laugh with and had a marvelous time.

Right there is the difference between this visit to DC and the last one in June. This time I didn't eat to escape feeling awkward and out of place. I ate because it was a feast for all the senses. I didn't sneak off to shove food in my face. I ate with my friends in celebration. It was a happy time, and I was a happy person. What else could you want?

There I am in all my glory. Did I mention the connubials had a 1930s/Gatsby/Flapper theme? The costume was adorable but the shoes were killing me. A few minutes later I gave my congratulatory toast and didn't even stutter and mumble through it. A true success story!


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Lori said...

OMG, you are so cute and beautiful!

I wanna look like you!

And yes, all is forgiven and I'm glad you had a wonderful time...