Friday, October 27, 2006

Week Four Weigh-In

I'm feeling frustrated this morning because I really wish I could weigh in tomorrow; I'm just sure it would knock down another pound or half-pound. But since I'll be out of town, and I doubt there will be a scale in my hotel room (and I will NOT take mine along!), I have to do it today.

The thing is, I've been sailing along at 221.5 since Monday. Which isn't "bad" -- it's a 1.5 pound loss, making a total of 11.5 pounds since the beginning of October. And this is PMS week, which is typically the week that I stall out when it comes to losing weight. The good news is I then tend to lose more during the week of my TMOT (time of the month).

I must admit, however, that I was hoping for a little more gone so I'd go into the weekend with a little extra insurance. My resistance might be a little stronger if I had 220 dancing in my head. But 221.5 is nothing to scoff at. Losing 11.5 pounds this month should be enough of a badge of honor to keep me from falling face first into a plate of canapes.

I also have my victory last night with Mabel's trick-or-treating. We walked ALL over town collecting goodies, and I'm sure we trekked around 2 miles, which for my 8 year-old daughter is quite a journey. I noticed a lot of parents driving their kids door-to-door; part of me thought it would have been nice to have a warm car to slip into, since it was pretty chilly last night. But I was glad that we were out hoofing it and instilling some good habits into our daughter. I want to encourage my daughter to be physically active and not take the lazy way out -- driving a block for a quart of milk, etc. And the walking didn't hurt hubby or me, either.

And the best part of all, at the end of the evening when we went through all the loot, I had one small piece of candy (100 calories or less), and I was satisfied with that! I didn't feel deprived, put out or angry. It tasted good, I enjoyed it, then I moved on with the rest of the evening. It felt so strangely "normal."

I can't guarantee my relationship with food will continue this way the rest of this weekend. But at least I can go into it knowing I CAN feel this way. And knowing you can do something makes it a whole lot easier to keep trying. I probably won't post again until Monday, so have a good weekend and keep your fingers crossed for me. Maybe if I know I have some people rooting for me I'll try a little harder.

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