Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cleanliness is Next to... Maintenance?

I must mention again how much I appreciate all the comments I've been receiving -- even a link from another blog! It's so validating to have people understand what I'm writing about, and definitely flattering when people think I've written something worth linking to.

The last two days I've been working hard, both at work at in my personal life. Monday became my anti-procrastination day (any of you who read FlyLady know what that means), and today I continued my massive decluttering of my daughter's bedroom. It's finally nearing completion after several days of work, including lots of reorganizing and rearranging.

I have to admit my daughter's room is my "snake in the pet shop." [In "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," Pee-Wee Herman discovers a pet shop on fire. He rushes in and proceeds to save the cats, dogs, mice, etc., each time looking at the aquarium full of snakes and shuddering with disgust. Finally, at the last minute, he makes one last dash inside the burning building and comes running back out with snakes in each hand; he then screams and passes out.] For month's I've been walking into my daughter's room, complaining about the chaos within, then walking back out, not having the time to deal with it. There always seemed something better to do.

I guess the 8th birthday had something to do with it. She got so many presents from family and friends, and I couldn't bare the thought of stacking it into that cesspool of broken crayons, disarrayed doll accessories and mountains of stuffed animals. So, while Mabel was at school, I turned her TV on to my crime shows (CSI Miami, Law & Order, etc.) and attacked it. I threw out garbage bags full of junk, packed up lots of old toys and clothes to donate, and set things aside to keep and organize. Today was vacuuming and dusting work, and this evening I really started to put things in their new places.

You could say my weight loss journey began that way, too. Something about turning 30 made me stand back and take a good hard look at my life. I slowly began to realize I didn't like the direction my life was heading and, step by step, began to make changes. Like Mabel's room, it was done in a series of stages, and it times it seemed like I was making more of a mess than there was to begin with. But now the improvements are beginning to show and I'm feeling pretty proud of my accomplishments.

However, neither of these projects will ever be over. My body, like my daughter's room, will need to be constantly maintained. She and I will have to be vigilant about putting things in the right places and keeping up with the regular chores to keep them looking nice and orderly.

Funny, when I started this post I really had no idea what I was going to write about, and it turned out to be a pretty decent one. It seems I can find a weight loss/maintenance correlation in almost anything!

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Vickie said...

It might be her personality - time will tell - but more likely it is her AGE.

When my current 12 year old was 8 - her room was terrible (in my eyes) and my current 8 year old is the same way.

But these messy rooms were NOT terrible in these (8 year old) kids eyes at the time.

My 8 year old would tell you in minute that everything is out - for a reason - working on it, going to work on it, thinking about it, don't want to forget it, like it, looking for the other pieces to it, etc.

The 12 year old's room is picture perfect all the time - and in this very messy house - it is the ONLY room that is always clean and tidy.

She can't go to bed with a mess.

The rest of us can go to bed IN a mess and it doesn't bother us one bit.

And when the 12 year old looks at the 8 year olds mess - she sees it as a mess. But she was the SAME WAY when she was 8.

Every once in a while 12 year old will clean it up the 8 year old's room.

Her current theory is that we are all enabling the 8 year old and that she is old enough to learn.

And that brings me to my blog for tomorrow (thanks for the idea).