Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Waking Up

Yesterday was the first day in a while that I actually felt like I was starting to "wake up." I'm not sure how to describe it -- if you've read "The Power of Now," I'm becoming more conscious again, emerging from the grips of the Pain Body. Yesterday I just felt more like me again, not some deadened, numbed version of myself.

I suppose you could call what I've been going through a period of depression. I know I've been shut down emotionally and didn't have the "oomph" to do much of anything other than the bare requirements.

I'm still not totally "there." But slowly, I feel like I'm returning. Things are by no means calming down in my life, but at least we are getting back to a regular routine, which is good for me. By the end of the week I hope to be back in the swing of things.


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Ty said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Beula said...

Glad to have you "back."