Monday, August 13, 2007

Virtual Tour of Morgantown

I didn't really take any pictures while I was in Morgantown, so here are some photos I found online of different things:

Here is a nice shot of the Monongahela River, part of the Wharf District and a little bit of the West Virginia University Downtown Campus. This is the view from across the river, which puts you in Westover. We did this drive a few times in our travels.

I took Mabel through the Downtown Campus and showed her Stewart Hall, which almost looks like an old stone castle. I worked here as a temp worker several times in the Registrar's Office. It wasn't my favorite job -- it was mostly data entry for student registration -- but it was definitely a good introduction to life in Morgantown. I loved this building with its carvings, like this one at right.

One thing that has really boomed since I left town is the Wharf District along the Mon River. Friday night I met up with my friends DS and LS at this Mexican restaurant, and we had a fantastic time. I used to sit beside LS when I worked at the newspaper in Morgantown, and even though I'm only two years older than her, I was her "office mom" and took her under my wing. She and D got married after I left town and they have an adorable (and ornery) 3 year-old daughter. Mabel and DS got on like a house on fire and had us laughing all evening.

The most bittersweet part of our trip was going back to the townhouses where Mabel and I lived. I pointed out our place, showed her where the kitchen was, which bedroom was hers, as well as the playground and the nearby countryside. I really loved this little place and had really considered buying it before my life changed and I moved back to Pennsylvania. There are great memories of Mabel's infancy created there, and even she felt a little sad that what was once our first home isn't ours anymore.

Now we're home, back to our doggies and my job. We have a few more days before Hubby comes home, so it still isn't back to "normal" yet. But our back-to-school shopping is done, I was able to reconnect with four old friends, and Mabel and I had a great time together. I call that a raging success.


Anne M. said...

Being able to take a walk down memory lane, sharing your experiences with your daughter, is a wonderful thing. I'm glad you were able to take the trip. Welcome home :)

Ty said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip with Mabel.

Beula said...

Yeah you are home. Do more fun stuff with Mable before she has to go back to school.

I have to ask, how did eating go?