Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let's Blow This Pop Stand

Even though this trip of mine is supposed to be a leisurely, fun adventure, even though I have no pressing deadline to get there other than checking in to our hotel, I still feel harried. I've been scrambling around last night and this morning trying to get us packed, clean things up around the house, set up arrangements for the dogs and make sure everything's taken care of at work.

Maybe I should have given myself a real vacation by just staying home and doing nothing!

But I am really looking forward to this mini-vacation. I finally got a hold of my long-lost friend JB yesterday, who was really hard to track down, and we have a lunch date for Friday. Then my other friend LS is meeting us for supper Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon we're getting together with PQ and her daughters for a swim date. I simply can't wait to catch up with everybody and find out how they're doing.

I don't have any problems with the laptop, but I'm having trouble locating the disc to download the software for my card reader. So the pictures may have to wait until I come home. I'm also going to try to blog while I'm away, but I'm not forcing myself to do anything this weekend.
Besides, if I stayed home, I'd just find things I "should" be doing, like my excavation/cleaning of Mabel's room. I left her to her own devices for far too long, and now it's a disorganized, chaotic mess. While packing I was trying to find part of her cheerleading outfit, which she needs when we return from our trip for her official portrait, and I wanted it laid out and ready when we got back. Well, I was going to wait to start the excavation next week while Hubby was away, but I wound up digging into it yesterday afternoon, determined to have this cheerleading outfit together. I wound up carrying bags of garbage out of that room, not to mention a ton of clothes that are now too small, as well as toys that she hasn't touched in ages. I finally found the missing article of clothing, but by then I had to keep going, because everything was ripped apart and all over the place. As of today it's still not done, but the hardest part of it is, and next week I will do the fine tuning -- the organizing of all her stuff.
I know eventually she will be a teenager and not be happy about me me tearing her room apart, digging into every nook and cranny and going through all her personal items. She will want her privacy, and I respect that. I just hope by that point she gets a little better about organization and throwing things away. Not likely, but a mother can dream.
Okay, enough procrastinating. I have to get back to work and get my sh*t together so I can blow this pop stand (I included a link in case no one knows what in the world I'm talking about with my antiquated idioms)! I'll check in later this weekend!


Beula said...

"Have more fun." This is the motto of my favorite sybarite Edina Monsoon. I am working on adopting it. That last sentence was supposed to be funny.

Have a great time. Getting away is always a hassle for me too. But once we are thirty miles away from the home place I begin to relax and look forward to new adventures. I hope you have super neato time. Can I ever have said that on a routine basis? Have fun.

Lori said...

Have fun! It sounds very fun, not just for you but for Mabel as well. I need you to come down and organize me!