Friday, August 10, 2007

Stormy Weather

If you live in the Pennsylvania - West Virginia region, you are well aware of the severe storms that went through yesterday. Pittsburgh is in a state of emergency from all the flash flooding and wind damage. (I can't take credit for this incredible photo, it's from NASA.)

Yesterday morning I was at work and suddenly realized it was black outside. The cute UPS guy showed up (yes, I'm married but I still have eyes) and told me there were 70 mph winds in a nearby town and sightings of potential funnel clouds.

Being me, I panicked: I turned off and unplugged all non-essential office equipment, rushed to complete all the tasks I needed electricity for, as well as called my mom, who was keeping Mabel, and told them to hang out in her basement/den until the storm passed. Ten years ago I never would have worried about tornadoes in our area, but after the tragedy in Salisbury, Pa., not far from us, I'm not so confident anymore.

That storm passed us, then I went home and cleaned up all the water in the house (too bad Hubby wasn't home to shut the windows!), then finished packing, tidying up the house, and hit the road.

We didn't escape the rain in Morgantown. At 5 p.m. the heavens opened up again, and when we went out to shop after the worst of it, we were sloshing through water-filled streets (thank goodness we were in Hubby's SUV). We did a little clothes shopping for Mabel, then we headed to my favorite pizza joint. The sky filled with another show of lightning and the heavy rains started again.

It's a little bit of a bummer to have all this rain, but according to the weather report it should be nice (but still hot) for the rest of the weekend. Mabel's in love with our hotel (one of her favorite shows is "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"), so it's not upsetting her too much.

She's still sleeping, and I'm relaxing in our air conditioned room. Hubby called last night and said the good news was that they all caught Halibut on their chartered fishing trip. The bad news was his wedding ring slipped off and fell into the ocean. Oops.
I'm going to go get ready for my day and see if I can rouse my daughter from her slumber. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Ty said...

We had storms roll through here too yesterday, one in the afternoon and another while we were at the fair.

My kids love staying in hotels, they always ask to stay at the ones in our area.

I had halibut last night for the first time. My daughter's boyfriend caught some in Alaska a few weeks ago and gave us some. It was very good!

Beula said...

I have been thru a couple of tornadoes and they scare the heck out of me. Nothing like being responsible for fifty sick people on the third floor of a hospital when the sky turns that black green color and everything gets deadly quiet. I have had to evacuate twice. Both tornadoes went around the hospital, just. I rode out one on the third floor under a bed with dying man because I couldn't move him. I need to write about that.

Drive careful and have fun. Did it stab you to the heart when you found out about the ring? I am very sentimental about stuff like that. Be a kid with Mabel.

Grumpy Chair said...

Next year Grumpette starts Kindergarten. I can not wait to go school clothes shopping with her next year at this time. She loves to shop for clothes.

Fang Jr. is a whole other story. I will buy him some new tennis shoes and jeans in the fall. His closet is full of tee shirts that fit now so we lucked out.

Hope you girls have fun on your vacation.