Thursday, August 23, 2007

P*ssing Around

This is my scenery every morning when I come to work. These silhouette yard decorations were really popular in these parts a few years ago, but not so much anymore.
An older couple lives in the building in between the church and the church office (you can see the block glass window of our church basement in the background) and this guy is in their back yard next to their garden.
Can you see the metal hoop that is bolted on to the silhouette's crotch area? I suppose this has been constructed to hold the guy up, but every morning I look at this guy relieving himself while balancing on one leg quite gracefully and have to smile.
I can't believe I went a whole week without posting. Other than vacations, this is the longest I've gone without writing since I started this thing last October. I'm definitely p*ssing around here, malingering in some quasi-depression, and it's getting old fast.
Maybe it was the oppressive heat followed by the oppressive rain. Maybe this medicine is just not right for me. Maybe it's not exercising and eating too much junk food, which makes me feel sluggish and perpetuates the vicious cycle. Maybe I've finally been beaten down in the home stretch as I wait for my family to go back to school.
Today is my first semi-day of freedom -- Hubby went back for his first in-service day at school today. So I've got one down, and Mabel's first day is next Tuesday, so by this time next week I will be on my way to reclaiming part of my life again.
I'm hoping this will help to revitalize me and get me back on track. I feel so disconnected and apathetic right now; I feel lazy and fat and every other negative thing I can conjure up. I need to get back into my IE and conscious living, because I know I feel so much better when I am in tune to my body and the world around me.
Sorry about the lapse in writing. Now that I've made the effort and posted, I think it's a sign I'm regaining some normalcy again.
By the way, today is the first anniversary of my neck surgery. If anything should give me a good feeling, it's knowing how well I recovered from it and how much better the quality of my life is since having it. I have so much to be thankful for and need to start appreciating and living the life I've been given.


Ty said...

Glad to hear from you, I've been wondering how you are.

Grumpy Chair said...

I went through something similar last week, where I just didn't feel like reading blogs or posting. I just haven't been in weightloss mode this month.

I feel like you, that once my son is back in school, life will go back to a regular schedule.

My solution was to "unplug" myself away from the internet, blogs and even email (though I did check it once)for a week. And it helped. Best of all, I felt no guilt for not reading blogs or posting.

The Europeans take the entire month of August off . . . maybe they are on to something.

Beula said...

If I feel fat I don't want to move. Life is just not worth getting involved in. I want to be left alone to contemplate how awful I am. Is a load of crap.

I hope life goes back to happy normal soon. Take care.

Lori said...

I definitely do understand how you feel and I hope you feel a bit better now there's a schedule.

I love the man peeing. We have a bunch at my parents. The first time I saw the little boy and girl, it was dusk and I freaked out a little. (Then again, my eyesight is bad at night; I once almost swerved thinking I saw a deer when it was --- just a mailbox.)

Jen said...

You'll get back on track. I'm just at an "I don't care" stage right now, and that's just going to have to be okay. I'll get back on track, but this is where I am at this point in time. Once your life settles back to "normal", you'll be fine. And probably stronger for knowing that everything wasn't ruined by this break.

Lorrie said...

feel better, this too shall pass

Vickie said...

It is hard to believe it has been a year since your surgery. Summer went too fast. Glad things are starting to get back to normal.