Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Apologies

I want to add that I have been very remiss in reading blogs this week, let alone replying on them. I just can't seem to focus or have the attention span right now to do it, for some reason. I can't bring myself to read my IE group digest emails, either, and I just deleted a bunch of them because looking at that long list of them in my Inbox makes me feel like I'll never catch up. I figure I'll just jump back in when I'm ready.

Maybe it's because my eating is all out of whack right now and I'm in avoidance/denial mode. Perhaps I don't want to read about someone else's mindful eating or successful diet because I don't have a good handle on my own "stuff" right now.

But I know I'll be back, because I do miss hearing how everyone's doing. So bear with me and I'll be back on track in Blog Land soon.


Lori said...

No, don't feel bad. I've been AWOL from other people's blogs and I'm just getting around to sending out thank you notes for my b-day presents back in July.

I don't feel very successful either. Again, it's that black or white mentality -- either we're good or we're bad and if we're not good, who wants to hear from us and we certainly don't want to hear how someone lost 10 pounds or something like that. (At least, that how it seems to us. To the person losing 10 pounds in 4 months, it probably seemed like forever to get rid of that weight.)

Have fun with the fair and the fun things in your life and just enjoy those, okay?

Beula said...

Welcome to my world sister. "Bad" eating here also. We are back to the old stuff, "Can I be happy if my body is not what I desire?" I am choosing today to be happy because God gave me life. I have blessings by the truckload and if I so choose I can enjoy them, even if I am fatter that I want to be.

P.S. Why are ANY of us sitting at a computer in August.