Sunday, July 01, 2007

Freedom Means Boundaries.

Sorry about all the Food Porn here the last couple days. Any dieters out there coming across those pictures were probably ready to smack me. My apologies.

Hopefully this bevy of special occasion foods will soon dry up. Tonight we're having a belated Father's Day meal with my dad (we were in Florida on the actual day), then of course Wednesday is July 4 and a family picnic. But then, maybe, things will get back to ordinary, every day kind of meals.

I went to church again today, the second week in a row. I suppose it helps to get me there when I have a part to do in the service -- I read lessons again, and I poured the communion wine. I definitely needed some spiritual cleansing after all the filth I heard at the comedy show Friday night. Wowza.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the second lesson I read from Galatians and how it could apply to my journey with dieting and Intuitive Eating. Here goes:
(5:1) "Christ has set us free! This means we are really free. Now hold on to your freedom and don't ever become slaves of the Law again... (5:7-8) You are doing so well until someone made you turn from the truth. And that person was certainly not sent by someone who chose you. (5:13) My friends, you were chosen to be free. So don't use your freedom as an excuse to do anything you want. Use it as an opportunity to serve each other with love."

So don't use your freedom as an excuse to do anything you want. That's IE summed up in a sentence, don't you think? I've read so many times about people who took the legalization step too far, ate all kinds of junk all day long, then wondered why they were gaining weight and the IE wasn't working.

My pastor also discussed this lesson in his sermon, entitled "Freedom Means Boundaries." Of course he didn't talk about eating disorders and Intuitive Eating, but again, this title could sure be used to illustrate its principles. We have the freedom to not follow the Law (in our case diet mentality or the food police), but we need to listen to and follow the Spirit inside us to do the right thing. In other words, honor your hunger and fullness and make the choices that are best for your body and mind.

I'm not saying that IE is a substitute for Christ or religion. There are some religiously-based mindful eating books out there, though, one in particular by Gwen Shamblin ("The Weigh Down Diet"), which I haven't read but I've seen references to in other books. But for some people, IE is a salvation of sorts from the struggles of dieting and bingeing. And while it does offer the promise of freedom, there are boundaries that have to be adhered to in order to make it work.

Well, that's enough of my Sunday School lesson for today. Hmm, first I have two days of Food Porn, now I'm sermonizing. Who else can I potentially offend tomorrow? Let me think about it...


Jenny said...

Andrea, that is a great analogy, between your readings and IE. I have been on this journey for four months and haven't put on any weight. Even though there are no restrictions, common sense still prevails, and yet I have no feelings of deprivation at all. I just eat less!!! But eat anything I like.

Freedom, means boundaries and it gives us a choice. Being on a diet severely restricts our choices.

Lori said...

I agree; the readings go well with IE.

It sounds like a lovely weekend and you got a lot of things that are very healthy (broccoli rabe). You visited the Church of Whole Foods which is always fun. You would love our food museum in my town.

Beula said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been going semi nuts eating. I couldn't find the middle ground. This is it. The scripture references smacked me between the eyes as they are wont to do.

Waiting for friend Kim to arrive and worrying about potential eating mania. This is my answer to prayer. Thanks again.

Your husband and that cooking are treasures. Mark can't even boil water. He has burned up three tea kettles, so far. Oh well...