Saturday, July 07, 2007

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

I didn't post yesterday. I went online a couple times, but I just couldn't find anything to write about yesterday, and didn't feel like sitting down with my notes from "The Power of Now" and copying/analyzing them here.

It wasn't due to laziness -- I did my morning walk, and I got a lot of housework and laundry done, too. I did get caught up in a "Doctor Who" marathon running on the Sci Fi Channel, but I managed to fold laundry and get things done during the show and the commercials. Last night was the American premiere of the newest season, so I had my evening plans set.

I adore "Doctor Who," at least the last three series with the newest Doctors, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Americans may know Eccleston as Claude the Invisible Man on the NBC show "Heroes," and Tennant as bad guy Bartie Crouch Jr. in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." My friend SS got me and Mabel into the show, and now we can hardly imagine life without it.

The Doctor is a Time Lord who can travel through space and time in his spaceship the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. It looks like an innocent British police call box (like a phone booth for us Americans) but it contains a very large space craft that has incredible power. As I'm thinking about it today, I can see a correlation to the TARDIS and Doctor Who to the work I'm doing with conscious living. In some ways I'm striving to be a little like the Doctor -- he's living in his own time, his own Now, and the past and future cannot hold him down. The TARDIS can also be a representation of ourselves and our identities. On the outside we may look ordinary, even dumpy, but our true selves, contained within our exterior coverings, is so vast, beautiful and powerful.

I think I didn't post yesterday because I was finally taking some of what I've been learning and applying it. I was living consciously, working on the immediate tasks in front of me and not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. I didn't want to analyze, didn't want to fret about things. I was simply in the moment, Being.

And my eating reflected that. Once in a while I'd get these pangs that I should eat something. But unless I could immediately pinpoint exactly what I wanted to eat, I pushed it away, because it wasn't real hunger to me. It was my old behaviors wanting to engage (it's my day off from work, let's "treat" myself by eating lots of crap), and I wasn't having it. Once I could determine exactly what I was hungry for, I ate it, hence my lunch of a PB&J with a glass of milk for lunch.

It wasn't a perfect day -- I ate to the upper end of my full feeling at supper -- but I know now I had gone too long without eating, making myself extra hungry. I am happy that I recognized the exact moment that if I ate another bite, I would move from full to stuffed and be a miserable person indeed. And I'm equally thrilled that I was able to stop at that moment, while everyone else was still eating, and didn't feel driven to keep picking at things I wasn't hungry for anymore. And besides, I'm not aiming for perfect, am I?
What I am aiming for is traveling through my life like I'm in the TARDIS -- I'm not held down by the past or waiting for something to happen in the future. If I want to do something, I've got to do it now, because the Now is the only place where I exist, just like Doctor Who. Pretty cool!


sulamite3 said...

Very interesting - how about some thoughts, if any, on Doctor Who???

Andrea K said...

Oh the premiere, you mean? Well, as fate would have it, I missed the first episode, technically the Christmas special and not the first of the new season. But I actually have a copy of it (thanks to my friend SS) and will be watching it soon. I can't wait, because Catherine Tate is in it and I think she's hysterical.

As for the first episode with the new companion Martha, I was pleased. I think Martha will make a good companion because she's bright, courageous and doesn't have any apparent annoying qualities. I know a lot of people didn't like the last companion, Rose, but I grew fond of her over time and was very sad at her departure.

I know Mabel is still a very loyal Rose fan, because when the Doctor kissed Martha (only to save lives, of course!), my daughter got furious that the Doctor would so quickly smooch another girl so soon after losing Rose.

As far as the series goes, it seems as if the same quirky humor and wild action is continuing right along. I can't wait to watch next week's episode when they visit Shakespeare.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, Isn't it the coolest thing when we can and do stop eating because we know we are satisfied AND its not a big surprise or tussle of consciousness either! Hooray for you and me too - that happened to me today too :) :) - ehugs, Katcha