Thursday, March 04, 2004

I Think Too Much

I went on the Internet today to do just a little more research on the ingredients in my pills, and now I'm a little concerned. One of the ingredients in my pills, and now I'm a little concerned. One of the ingredients -- bladderwrack -- can affect the thyroid and shouldn't be taken if you have an overactive thyroid. Of course, I have an underactive thyroid, but I am on Synthroid. But I've been on the stuff for over three weeks and haven't noticed racing heartbeats or any of the other typical warning signs that my thyroid activity is too high -- in fact, I finally feel better after feeling very sluggish and with a very low level of energy. Could it be I actually needed a little boost?

Next month I'm scheduled to have blood work done to check my thyroid levels. Unless I do start having side effects, I'm going to go ahead and keep taking the pills -- if it really is making my levels too high, then I'll hear about it from the doctor and I'll stop. Does it sound like I'm in denial, that I'm making excuses, that I'm too dependent on these pills? Am I replacing the overeating addiction with these pills? But what if I'm just viewing it as a medicine that helps, and I don't want to lose those benefits -- I mean, I'd be pretty damned panicked if I had to quit taking my asthma medicine! And there are known health risks to birth control pills, but I'm taking them because the benefits -- normalizing my estrogen levels -- outweighs the possible side effects.

Have I justified myself enough? We'll see. All I know is, I feel better, I'm controlling my appetite and cravings, I'm more even-tempered, and it even seems to be helping me and Mabel get along better. Is that possible?

As a side note, almost all of the other ingredients have very few side effects, or at least none that affect me. If it turns out the bladderwrack is bad for me, I plan to either buy the other supplements separately or find another pill that contains the ingredients I want.

It's official -- I think way too much! Just enjoy feeling better and don't worry myself into a psychosomatic illness!

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Andrea K said...

I pretty much summed it up there. Way too much time on my hands to overthink things back then. I hardly have time to think one coherent thought these days!