Saturday, July 10, 2004

Not Budging

I'll start off by saying that after two "not so good days" on Sunday (the 4th picnic) and on Monday, I did as good as I could the rest of the week, but the scale hasn't budged. But I do think that in past months that the pre-menstrual week is typically the week I don't lose or lose very little, then slough it off afterwards.

I certainly didn't have the time to overeat this week. The new job began Tuesday, and so far there's nothing I've seen that I can't handle. Of course, summer is the slow season, and I may be singing a different tune at Christmas and Easter.

So far the treadmill first thing in the morning is working out pretty well, too. I'll just be glad to see some downward movement on the scale soon to let me know it's paying off.

I should write lots more, but it's late, I've got church in the morning, and I need to get my beauty sleep!

***P.S. I hit 246 the next day, July 11.

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