Saturday, July 24, 2004

Living Life

July weigh-ins:
July 11 -- 246
July 17 -- 244
Today -- 242

As you can see, I'm now averaging 2 pounds a week, and while it isn't as speedy as I'd like, it is a more reasonable and healthier rate. I think it's mainly due to the fact that every weekend I keep overeating in one way or another. I guess it's some consolation that despite those "bad" moments I still keep losing weight, but I do worry that I'm teetering ever so precariously on the brink of -- what, failure, relapse, hopeless addiction? I guess it depends on who you talk to.

Tonight Mabel and I went to the local pizza place and I ate pretty heartily, although nothing like the "good old days" when I could have easily eaten twice as much and not even blinked. While tonight I walked home feeling foundered. But I hardly ate anything all day, managed to get some activity in by helping LH move in (did I mention she's now our roommate?) and with another 2 pounds gone, I figured I'd splurge a little -- again.

I know I'm not writing much lately, but it seems like I'm always too busy or too tired to analyze life, because I'm actually living it!

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