Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Too Good to Be True

I didn't mention that I've now reached the triple digits in days (105) -- and I'm amazed that I've lost 50 pounds in 100 days. LH made such a fuss over it and kept saying she's worried I'm becoming anorexic or bulimic. And while I am surprised at how much I've lost, I know that I'm not starving myself. I know I'm eating healthy foods, and while I'm exercising a lot, it's not excessive or causing me any pain. I do admit the exercise is addictive, but I take the weekends off and know I need to give my body time to rest and recover. While I give myself free days, I find myself not counting the days toward them anymore, and I am slowly finding them less satisfying.

I bought a tape measure today, and while I don't remember exactly what my "before" numbers were, I've lost at least 5 inches off my hips, and my bra size has gone from 44DD to 42D, in addition to the couple inch loss around my waist.

Anyway, enough about weight loss! Last week I found out our church secretary resigned. Well, the past few weeks I have been thinking about finding a part time job, but wished I could find one close to home with hours that would fit around both the B&B and Mabel's school. It seems almost unbelievable, too good to be true to have something so perfect practically fall into my lap. But I sent in my resume last week, and now I'm just waiting to hear from the church council. I have no idea how many people will apply, but hopefully I've got a good chance at it. It's almost too much of a coincidence not to happen.

The other unexpected event was my run-in with D during the after-party high jinks after my class reunion. I was just starting to get bummed out as P, one of the few eligible bachelors left in my class, made it very obvious that he was interested in my best friend L. Then D made a beeline for me and proceeded to hit on me the rest of the night. Maybe I was just an easy target for a horny drunk guy, but at least nothing serious happened and I managed to let some of my guard down for a while. More on that later.

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