Friday, June 18, 2004

New Weight, New Job

I actually hit 255 a few days ago, but I just wasn't in the mood to write. But now I've got even bigger news - tonight I accepted the job as church secretary, only a few hours after the interview. Two council members interviewed me, and I've known them forever, so I sort of had a feeling that it was going to go my way.

While I know it's going to be overwhelming at first and there will be plenty of new stress coming my way, I need to take this as an opportunity to work on my coping strategies -- mainly, NOT eating! I will need to do some serious work Fly Lady wise, rebuilding routines, not only for my house but for the B&B, too. I just hope I can manage it all! I am a little worried about it, but something tells me I'll figure out a way.

I need to rework my exercise routine, too. That means getting up at 6(!), doing the treadmill and bike before my shower (at home, of course) then just doing the weights and toning at the gym. I have a feeling that'll be tough at first, but like everything else, we'll manage it somehow.

I guess the hardest part will be juggling Mabel for the rest of the summer. In the fall it'll be no problem-- I'll take her to the bus, stop at the gym, then to work. But for right now, it'll mean either Mom dealing with her, bringing her to work with me, or squeezing another 30 minutes into our morning by driving her to day care. I just hope Mabel doesn't feel too pushed aside by my getting this job. But the fact is, I'm quickly running out of money, and this was the best option I could think of besides begging my parents for more handouts.

Good thing I'm going to Morgantown tomorrow, then Lancaster with L next week -- I can stock up on some new work clothes, since I can't wear gym clothes to the office. Because I am very quickly running out of clothes that fit me any more!

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