Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Back to work today, and so far I'm back to the "old" routine: exercised for an hour this morning, ate my usual breakfast (Egg Beaters, soy cheese and low-cal wheat bread), and drinking lots of water. I'm already starting to feel better!

Yesterday was supposed to be my first day back on track, but it was more of a transition day. I didn't sit and eat all day until I foundered myself because I was too busy, but I didn't make the healthiest food choices, either. I was definitely active, though: I packed and lifted boxes all day long, in addition to putting up our Christmas tree. I know, it seems crazy to be putting up decorations when I'm trying to pack to move, but I just can't go without a tree and our stockings hanging on the mantle with an 8 year-old in the house. Besides,looking at the tree last night cheered the 8 year-old in me, too. Now to make sure I don't start craving Christmas cookies to go along with the tree!

Even though I wasn't stellar in my eating yesterday, I already saw some improvement on the scale this morning. The Post-Holiday De-Bloating has begun, thank goodness!
My wedding ring has become my water retention barometer, and today it's getting looser as I travel back and forth to the bathroom to expel the fluids I've absorbed.

A few minutes ago a lady stopped by and gave me a gift as a thank you for all the help I gave her and her family for her grandson's baptism yesterday (I'm a church secretary, if I haven't mentioned it before). I told her it wasn't necessary, but she insisted, so I accepted it with gratitude. It was a copy of the book "Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential" by Joel Osteen. After glancing through the sleeve summary, I figure it couldn't hurt to check it out. Goodness knows I'd like to reach my full potential! Who wouldn't?

Here's the 7 Steps:
One: Enlarge your vision
Two: Develop a healthy self-image
Three: Discover the power of your thoughts and words
Four: Let go of the past
Five: Find strength through adversity
Six: Live to give
Seven: Choose to be happy

Doesn't sound too bad. I'll let you know what I think of it.

There's a part of me that dreads this week's weigh-in because I don't know if I can get back to my pre-holiday weight by Saturday. I feel like I've let my blog readers down by my holiday indulgences. While the accountability aspect was what drew me to starting a blog, I have to realize that the people reading it are not in some position of authority over me. The rational part of me says that I'm not here to please some people on the Internet; I'm not being graded on my performance; I won't get fired if I've gained a pound or two over Thanksgiving. I won't be fined late fees if I don't reach 200 pounds by December 31. But it's hard to break that "need to please" mentality. As an adult I've figured out that trying to be perfect will not get me love and acceptance from others, but it's still hard to break those habits we form in childhood.

So bear with me as I pick up the pieces from this past weekend. I've never really had an audience before, so it's a whole new experience for me. I do appreciate everyone's caring words and advice.

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Grumpy Chair said...

I have always been curious about Joel Osteen's book. I live in the Houston area and last Christmas he got some ugly publicity when his wife acted up on a plane and the family was asked to get off the plane prior to its departure. I now sort of hold a grudge. Let me know what you think about the book.