Friday, May 07, 2004

The Rumors Are True!

Today was a very validating day. I had a bunch of coupons for Fashion Bug that were ready to expire, so I went over to buy some outfits for church/class reunion, etc. Imagine my shock when the 22/24 sizes were too baggy and I got the 18/20 sizes, which weren't even tight!

Then we walked to the B&B this afternoon as the neighbors were ushering their daughter off to the prom, and L.G. made a comment that I'm "shrinking away."

But the final boost was when L.H. showed up, claiming to visit to see if the "rumors" were true. Seems her grandmother told her about my picture in the paper last week and how wonderful I look. And I guess the news of some miraculous diet has spread from my hometown all the way to Cleveland to L.H.

Despite my own doubts, it's obvious that there are big changes going on with me, and even if it's hard for me to see some days, it's clear that not only is my body telling the true tale, but that those around me are definitely taking notice, too.

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