Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Back on Track

Rough week, both with the level of activity and the eating. There was just so much going on -- dinner with my uncle friends of the family; and adoption day picnic, a neighbor's birthday party, in addition to other meals out. While I did my best to eat healthy and exercise before, during and after all these temptations, I still ate foods I shouldn't have and more than I should have.

Why, you may ask? Well, a good part of it was because I wanted to be part of the gang, not single myself out by saying, "Oh, I can't eat that!" or sound like an idiot. In some instances there just weren't any healthy alternatives -- I wish parents would start offering fruits and veggies at these birthday parties instead of just pizza and potato chips.

Does that sound like a massive cop-out? Do I sound weak-willed and full of excuses? Do I consider it a failure if I don't reach 260 by Saturday? I just can't think that way and hope to succeed at my intentions.

Instead of throwing my hands up in the air and saying "I give up! I'll eat like a fiend all weekend," I tried my darnedest to eat sensibly when I could. Instead of thinking about the upcoming weekend and thinking, "What the hell, I'll just eat this week and start again next week," I instinctively got back to my routine immediately -- anymore it's as basic as brushing my teeth.

Was I disappointed that S.S. didn't make a single reference to my appearance? Yes. Did it bum me out that when I was introduced to a new guy at the party Saturday (and who everyone thought I should be fixed up with) that it left me feeling inadequate and not good enough? Oh yeah. Did these things contribute to my overeating -- not a lot, but more than my regular routine allows? You betcha.

I don't know how anyone could have gotten through all of that without treating themselves some. At least I'm back on track for now, and even after this upcoming weekend I'll get back to it and feel good.

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