Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ham-Packed Weekend

Surprise, surprise, I have another jam-packed holiday weekend (I had a typo there earlier that read "ham-packed," which would have worked, too).

Today Hubby and I are going to the grand opening of a new furniture store to buy a new reclining chair for my FIL, whose birthday is tomorrow. It's going to be a birthday/Father's Day/thanks for helping us remodel our house gift. We are also going out to dinner with him, MIL, B&SIL tonight.

This afternoon my nephew has a baseball game, which Hubby wants to go to. However, our niece is in town for the weekend and wants to play with Mabel at our house, so I'm going to beg off the game and stay home with them. Of course, there won't be any R&R for me -- I have to clean the garage out because we are now hosting the Monday Memorial Day picnic, since there's a chance of rain and my B&SIL, who were going to host it, have no place for people to go because their house is under renovation. You may ask why I'm cleaning the garage and not Hubby: it's because I'm cleaning out the last of my stuff out that I took out of storage a few weeks ago.

Then of course there's Sunday. I've got a family reunion at noon, then at 4 p.m. my daughter is singing at a Memorial Day service at a local cemetery. My Dad lives near this cemetery, so I'm going to try to catch him at home and say hi. He just got home from an extended vacation and I haven't seen him for months.

And then there's Monday. We have an annual parade that Mabel and I usually march or ride bikes in, and then there's our picnic.

Can you say OVERLOAD? I don't know how this keeps happening to us, but we never seem to have a moment to spare. Of course I'm a little worried about keeping mindful and conscious about my body and eating this weekend, because I will be inundated with lots of food and eating opportunities: dinner, reunion, picnic. I'm going to do my best to honor my hunger, not eat until I'm stuffed, and not get overcome by urges to binge. Wish me luck!

Have a good holiday weekend, everybody!

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