Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fair to Middling

Last night Mabel wanted Chinese for dinner (again), so we went to Johnstown (yes, home of the famous flood). The Chinese buffet nearest to us is kind of limited, plus I wanted to take Mabel clothes shopping since almost all of last year's summer clothes are too small, so we made the 35-minute trek there.

On the way Mabel brought her teeny bopper CDs along and we listened to several songs. One of them by Vanessa Hudgens really struck me, and I keep thinking about the lyrics and how it relates to my new enterprise. I know, you can put any interpretation to song lyrics, but I'm in an interpretive frame of mind right now.

I won't say last night was perfect, but of course perfect isn't what I'm aiming for anymore. Chinese is what it is -- loaded with sodium and oily, depending on which dish you get. I ate until I was full -- not stuffed to the gills until I was ill, but I didn't stop at merely "satisfied," either. I guess you call that "fair to middling." Which is all right. I didn't eat anything else the rest of the evening, although the old voices of binges gone by did beckon. But my body just didn't want it.

And today has been going pretty well, too. It's definitely better than some Saturdays when I've already crammed two days' worth of food into my gullet by this time of the day. Hubby is finally home after a week full of baseball games, so he's outside planting the garden right now (or at least trying to before the rain starts), and we've already decided we're cooking supper tonight. He hasn't had a home cooked meal in a week, and I'm glad we can make some healthy yummy things (BBQ chicken breasts, baked sweet potato fries and salad) together for a change. Then we're all heading for the drive-in movie theater to see a double feature of "Ghost Rider" and "Spider Man 3."

It's looking doubtful that I'll post tomorrow, because I'm taking my mom shopping for Mother's Day in Pittsburgh. She's jonesing for a trip to Barnes & Noble and Panera Bread, plus we'll hit some other fun places, too. Should be fun!

On a last note, I didn't weigh myself this morning. While part of me is curious about what the scale would have said after my Chinese last night, I have to admit that it was nice to not have a number assigned to my day for once. I might just get used to this...

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Beula said...

I hope you and your Mom have fun shopping. Pittsburgh, to someone in Wyoming it is as unreal as Debra in Chicago and Frances in New York. What a thing is this inter-net.

Do you think you could have done this IE before you lost a significant amount of weight? I think you may have developed coping skills in the long losing process I don't yet have.